ImmTrac2 – Texas Immunization Registry

Pediatric Center at Renaissance participates with ImmTrac2, the FREE
Texas Immunization Registry. ImmTrac2 is a centralized online portal for keeping immunization history on file offered at no cost to all Texans.

Benefits of Enrolling in the Texas Immunization Registry

The Texas Immunization Registry makes it easy to keep up with your and your family’s immunization records. 

All doctors have access.
No matter how many times you move or change health care providers, your and your family’s immunization records are at any Texas doctor’s fingertips.

Schools can verify vaccine records.
You’ll never have to round up immunization records yourself. Your child’s school can access them for you and let you know what vaccines your child needs to meet school requirements.

Free and secure.
There’s no charge for enrolling, and there’s no monthly fee. The registry meets the highest security standards, and only authorized providers can access your family’s records. Information is available only to doctors, schools, child-care centers, public health care providers, and other authorized organizations.

Texas law requires written consent by individuals to participate in the registry. To register children 17 years and younger, parents must consent. Consent is required one time and is valid until your child turns 18. People 18 years and older must complete an adult consent form.

Minor Consent Form – English
Minor Consent Form – Spanish

If your child is not already registered, please fill out this form and bring it to the office. We will complete the enrollment and begin sending immunization files over to the registry.